Best Open Markets in Thailand

Experience the Amazing Open Markets in Thailand

If you’re a visitor to Bangkok, you’ll quickly discover that the best time to shop is during the late afternoon and evening, when the markets are crowded. Even in the dead of winter there is never a lack of excitement or activity in these markets, as vendors do their best to draw the attention of the visiting public. There is no doubt that for some reason the best time to visit Bangkok is at night. But why? Why is it that the late afternoon and evening markets in Bangkok always have such amazing food, clothing, and antique products for sale.

The answer lies partly with the climate. Bangkok is an incredibly sunny city and the late afternoon and evening are usually the best times for shopping. But the climate also has a lot to do with it. Sweat is a common commodity in Bangkok and food cooked in open fires is even more so. That’s why the Sukhumvit Road Street Market is known around the world as one of the best places to find good food and good deals in town.

If you love shopping then it would be a mistake to miss out on one of the very best markets in Asia.

The Sunday open market on Silom Road.

This market is known for having some of the best flea markets in Asia as well as an amazing collection of small shops and boutiques selling everything from knick-knacks and garments to electrical appliances and books. The Sunday market on Silom Road has also won awards from the Sunday Times, Foreigner Magazine, and the World Traveler. It is almost impossible to come during the week, but if you happen to visit during the week or on a Saturday, you will have an amazing chance to explore the fascinating collection of handmade jewelry and hand-made handicrafts set amid some of the most gorgeous scenery in Bangkok.

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For people looking for vintage clothing, vintage bags and accessories, these markets are the best. They are also home to some of the best handicrafts and vintage accessories in Bangkok. These markets also provide a chance to try out the latest styles in Thai clothing before they make their way to you from other countries.

Sunday open markets are also great places to go window shopping and take a peek at the many workshops, boutiques, and other businesses that offer last minute deals on antiques and second-hand goods.

If you are shopping for something unique, however, it is advised to go to the traditional markets of Bangkok which remain open until the early hours of the morning. These markets also provide some of the best food in Bangkok, which is usually prepared by Thai chefs.

On any given Sunday, you will never lack for choices when shopping for anything from knick-knacks to fresh seafood.

Moving on to Chiang Mai in the far North of Thailand, if you happen to include this beautiful city in your travel plans, another rather famous area of the town is the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, which is also known as the ‘Raffles’.

It attracts many visitors because of its wide array of interesting antiques, but it also has a lot to offer the hungry night owl who is willing to brave the crowds and get a taste of Asia’s spicy food. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is open all night long and has no special admission price, so anyone can get in here at any time.

And if you do decide to spend a little extra, there are also some excellent restaurants serving some of the best Thai food in town.

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