Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year (also known as the Spring Festival) is a very important festival to the Chinese people. It is a time for them to commemorate the old and praise the new. Chinese people will look forward to this period as it is a time for them to bond with family and friends as well as looking forward to starting new domestic duties and obligations.

Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year usually falls on 25 January each year. The reason that the new year fell in this time-frame is because it represents the beginning of the new moon, when there is an instant change in the earths orbit around the sun. This is quite different to the traditional ‘Gregorian’ calendar which is constantly used in the Western World.

When the new moon appears, the whole of the Chinese lunar calendar is altered, and new activities and celebrations are commemorated. This makes Chinese New Year a very exciting time, filled with traditional actions and festivity.

There are many different celebrations, feasts and cultural events which take place around the Chinese New Year. Each of these has their own significance and stories behind them. As, well as these festivals and activities, there are also many other things to do throughout the Chinese New Year. Chinese people like to spend time relaxing at home or taking long walks. They will also be looking to get out and about and visit various places of interest.

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In the Chinese lunar calendar, every year four characters are added or subtracted. This also means that Chinese New Year is celebrated in different months depending on the lunar calendar.

The traditional Chinese New Year falls on the beginning of Spring, but can vary by a few days each year. Some years see the celebrations of prosperity, while others see less wealth-laden times. This has more to do with the lunar calendar and the different weights of the Earth.

There are also Chinese New Year celebrations for every day of the year. If people choose to celebrate on a day that falls during a longer time than usual, they will have special ceremonies to mark the occasion. Many of these have strong symbolic meanings and are seen as celebrations of power, luck and fortune. There are also plenty of special foods and dishes to be enjoyed during the festivities.

Chinese New Year is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year for the Chinese. This is reflected in the huge number of things that need to get done, including preparation and shopping for the festival celebrations itself. This results in many people finding it hard to be organized and on time. It can be hard to find the time to clean house, cook traditional meals and perform household chores.

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