Travel Technology

Travel technology is the application of Information Technology and Communications Technology in travel, hospitality and tourism industry. There are many applications that can be made of this technology in the tourism industry.

Some such types of travel tech are flight navigation, itinerary management through online travel services, and even the use of social networking and search engines to plan future trips. Having said so, let’s also say that there are many less useful applications of travel tech in tourism that are constantly offered to us. But for today, we are going to concentrate to those who bring the most of it.

One application that has emerged in tourism is the online travel agency. Online travel agencies have come up to meet the demand for travel services in the tourism industry.

These online travel agencies work as a central source for hotel bookings and online hotel reservations, offer hotel deals and discount coupons, as well as provide facilities such as car rental, air fare, meals, and even accommodation.

Another application of travel tech in tourism is in trip planning. Many people now take advantage of travel apps on their smartphones and tablets. Such travel apps allow them to plan their trips and track their flights using detailed maps and interactive travel widgets.

Apart from providing useful information during travel, such websites also allows tourists to share photos and reviews about their experiences in a particular place. Some smart phone users even integrate these travel apps with social media sites like Facebook.

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Tourism may not always be the leading industry but in some parts of the world is actually contributing to most of the GDP of its countries, definitely, it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the emergence of the internet, communication and travel technologies are making the life of tourists and travelers much easier.

Tourism not only provides an immense vacation experience but it also generates employment opportunities for the people in the hospitality industry. Thus, tourism requires new technologies in terms of communication, travel, booking, and information.

One such travel technology that has created a stir in the tourism industry is the one related in the private home lettings for short vacations or weekends. Airbnb was the pioneer in this but it has now cloned many times and found some sort of “competition”. These are websites where people from all over the world can rent (or even buy in some cases) homes or apartments for short periods.

This service connects real estate owners and tenants through websites. The website acts as a platform for rentals and short-term stays. A tourist can search for available apartments or homes according to his preferences like price, location, or time constraints. He can also communicate directly with the owner or landlord if he has any questions.

The next big thing to look out for in tourism is its impact on the hospitality sector. Tourism has the potential to completely change the way we do business. If we compare today’s hotels with those in the past, we will find significant improvements. Thus, anyone planning to start a travel business, should start it with proper tourism tech support in mind.

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